Jumping Castle Hire Agreement

6 Our employees make the decision on the position of the inflatable boat and this cannot be postponed during the rental period by you. If no external outlet is available, a 13 amp extension line must be connected and FULLY UNRAVELLED must be connected for our employees. 9) Once the inflatable boat is recovered, this inflatable boat is stored for five days and thoroughly cleaned before the next rental. 8) You must sign our terms and conditions before hiring. We will not provide a paper copy to reduce the impact of the contact. Hirer: I declare that I have read and understood these recruitment conditions. I declare that I have also read and understood the terms and conditions of use with safety and operating instructions, as well as a copy of the Bouncy Castles User Manual, and have received a copy to keep with the relevant operating and safety instructions provided with the device, and I will sign the contract in full awareness of the qualities and responsibilities that I have. The tenant also agrees to rent the devices listed below, which are subject to the above terms and conditions. All devices are returned in the same condition as at the beginning of the rental: 3) All shoes, glasses, jewellery, mobile phones, badges must be removed before using the inflatable boat.

It is also recommended to remove the glasses as well. No facial colors, party-poppers, colorful streamers or ridiculous strings that are used either on or near the inflatable boat. No hose or rinse liquid should be used on the inflatable boat, which is a serious violation of our terms and conditions of sale and can cause a serious violation of the cause of the device. A $100.00 fee is charged to the tenant if it is determined that this occurred while the equipment is being rented to the tenant. 14) The inflatable boat should not be used if it is wet on the jump surface. These guidelines are intended for the safety of all persons who use this equipment and it is the tenant`s exclusive responsibility to ensure that they are fully respected at all times. These additional conditions can be amended and updated accordingly, based on the latest government guidelines. In order to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers, the following requirements must be met at all times when hiring an inflatable boat by you, the tenant, in addition to our existing hiring conditions, which also apply in all rental cases.

Health and safety may seem a little exaggerated these days, but we take it very seriously – because we really don`t care. The last thing anyone wants is a major event that is marred by unfortunate accidents or misadventures. For insurance reasons, we also need to make sure that you are aware of all the rules and regulations regarding your recruitment. Please fill any field when you install an inflatable boat and this must be signed by the tenant before leaving the reservation. The person or organization that uses this inflatable equipment is responsible for damage or injury caused by abuse or careless use. The tenant is fully responsible for all devices that are stolen while it is being rented and is charged for all necessary replacement equipment. 4) All payments are made in advance for hire – either by debit card/credit card or by payment BACS. We are not currently in a position to make cash payments. If you have the bouncy castle fixed with metal piles, our company cannot take any responsibility for the damage caused by the maintenance or garden. It is the responsibility of the tenants to clearly mark the location of all reticulation, plumbing or other objects before installation. 16) If the fan no longer works, please make sure that all users get off the inflatable boat immediately. The fan may have a safety reset button, try pressing this button, and make sure that the fan tube or deflation has not been undone or that something has not been inflated and bothers the fan.

In the event that it is overheated or

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