Non Racing Agreement

“As the official charity of sport for the welfare of retired racehorses, we attach great importance to improving traceability and one of our main tasks is to assist and advise owners and trainers in the rehoming and retraining of their horses. Changes to a racehorse`s retirement process offer an opportunity to increase the number of horses registered with RoR. By signing up for RoR, we will not only know where the horses are and what activities they are doing, but the new owners will also benefit from RoR`s extensive program of educational activities to help them take better care of their old racehorse and have more fun. A special page on the BHA website allows participants to check a horse`s pension status. That`s what you`ll find in Please note that this feature is not yet live, but will be operational from March 2. If you have decided to re-inspect the horse you want to return home, carefully check the horse with the marks in the passport to convince you that it is the right animal before making a deal or purchase. In absence – John O`Shea 1. The disciplinary body of the British Horseracing Authority conducted an investigation on February 2, 2017 to determine whether John O`Shea, a licensed coach, … More 2 Feb 2017 Legislation also requires that an equi passport be returned to Weatherbys to be updated with new property details. When a horse comes out of training and the property of the race is terminated, weatherbys property becomes the valid property, recognized by DEFRA and the DesQuins Database. Sometimes a racehorse owner or trainer may feel that a horse is no longer suitable for racing, and they have the option of registering a BHA non-racing agreement as protection as soon as a new home has been found to protect the horse from returning to the racetrack. The contract must be signed by both the seller and the buyer. As a result, owners and trainers can now participate in a simplified online system of permanent retirement for a horse that will come into effect on February 13, 2020.

A digital non-race contract can also be entered into as part of the process, and details of the new medium are now required. A non-race agreement is intended to provide an alert mechanism to an owner when he sells/offers his racehorse after he has been eliminated from the race and to prevent that horse from being included in a race according to the rules of the race. Based on the experience of owners and trainers, RoR and NTF have prepared the following recommendations for the transmission of a horse to the sport horse or the piracy market to ensure that the horse has a well-maintained life after the race. The new system, integrated with the existing race administration site, provides for the opening of the possibility of registering new houses of new racehorses for trainers and owners. It aims to ensure as much traceability as possible for horses that have been permanently eliminated from the race. Both the owner and the trainer can use the system to transmit the required notification and, if necessary, apply a digital non-race agreement stating that the horse should not be reinstated for the race in the future. All questions related to this policy address the BHA – E: or T: 020 7152 0090 Please make sure to use your horse`s registered race name instead of the stable name of the pet.

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