Supervision Agreement Social Work

Ideally, the initial monitoring agreement should be reviewed after three months and, subsequently, each year. The monitoring agreement is the written document detailing how participants cooperate to achieve mutually agreed objectives. Formal decisions on the processing of files must be recorded in the records management system. Decide who will do it in the surveillance contract. “I am well prepared for supervision and am fully involved in the supervisory process, in accordance with Oranga Tamariki`s monitoring process.” Participants negotiate the terms of the agreement with respect to: Use this model to develop your monitoring agreement Participants should follow these five phases (based on supervision of social work mastering, Jane Wonnacott, 2012) in their discussions as they establish the relationship. The final product of this process is the monitoring agreement. If supervision is to exchange information from a monitoring meeting, it should first discuss it with supervision, but this may not always be possible in the event of immediate security issues. Surveillance interviews are considered confidential, with the exception of practice safety issues. The monitoring agreement should include an agreed procedure for managing the exchange of information. “The ability to establish and maintain the supervisory relationship is an essential requirement of a supervisor.” “The surveillance relationship is underpinned by the development of a relationship of trust, respect and openness, in which “we can take risks, innovate, meet challenges and improve development.

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