Bellmouth Agreement

To satisfy reservations for road areas on the highway network, it is necessary to obtain a funeral permit for larger and smaller work contracts using the section 111 procedure. Reasonable fees must be paid to the Local Highway Authority for the management of the agreement, legal services, technical clearance, site inspections and the issuance of certificates. The developer is usually required to deposit a covered bond or cash with the motorway authority up to 150% of the value of the motorway works. When a developer proposes to file an application for construction, they should consult with the highway authority to determine what action they need to take and what documents they need to provide to support their claim. A traffic declaration is sufficient for small developments, where the impact on transport is low. For a larger development, a traffic assessment (TRANSPORT ASSESSMENT, TA) must be carried out in consultation with the motorway authority. Technical assistance will examine the impact of developments and identify all measures to be implemented to ensure that development will not have a negative impact on the existing transport supply (known as zero disadvantage). Section 184 – which falls under Part IX of the Highways Act 1980, legal and unlawful interference in motorways and roads – does not provide for the formal conclusion of agreements between a developer and the motorway authority. Therefore, an agreement is drafted under this section, taking into account the following points:- They are executed in accordance with section 38 Highways Act 1980.

If such an agreement is necessary, certain criteria must also be met with regard to the detailed technical planning of roads, sidewalks, street lighting and drainage before an agreement can be concluded in accordance with section 38, in accordance with section 7 of the Staffordshire Act 1983. Information about the parties (name, registered office, etc.) Timetable for work to be carried out. . . . .

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