Business Broker Listing Agreement Sample

In executing this Agreement, business broker may not list, promote or sell corporate shares as an investment, has no power to sell or enter into on behalf of the Client and may not manage money on behalf of the Client or Buyer. Some states require a business broker to provide a written disclosure document that meets the requirements of that state`s law. A lawyer can advise you on specific requirements from state to state. Enter the desired percentage of the consideration that the client will pay to the business broker when the transaction is completed. CONSIDERING that brokers are in business to sell and offer businesses, 16. The Seller agrees that the brokerage fees are paid by the Seller at each provision relating to the transaction, whether taken by the Broker, the Seller or any other person during the term of this Agreement. Regardless of the amount of the deduction, a client`s lawyer can monitor and measure the business broker`s results on a monthly basis. Buyer Disclosure As a potential business buyer, you need to understand that we are brokerage agents and that we are paid by the sellers who have occupied us selling their business. 17. Seller shall make available to the Broker, within ten (10) days of the conclusion of this Agreement: (a) list of all equipment and other assets to be included or excluded in the sale; (b) the profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and income tax returns of the enterprise for the last three years; (c) income statement, balance sheets and capital flow accounts for the current period; (d) leases; (e) copies of all licenses, contracts or agreements in any form; (f) all personnel agreements; (h) copies of all other documents relevant to the undertaking. .

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