How To Change Custody Agreement In New York

In other cases, one parent may be regularly exposed to COVID-19 at work, which worries the other parent about their child`s safety. In these difficult times, how should parents change their custody agreement, even if they disagree? While you can apply for a change in a custody decision yourself, the appointment of an experienced lawyer will help you a lot. It`s always best to talk to a family lawyer in New York who can help. The outcome of a change of custody application has a serious impact on your life and the well-being of your children. Whether you`re petitioning for change or opposing change, Thomas Weiss & Associates is here to help. Contact our law firm Garden City as soon as possible to arrange your first consultation. In New York, the court can order custody and access until the child is 18 years old. Access is ordered by the court when one of the parents has sole custody (“custodial parent”), so that the other parent (“non-custodial parent”) can visit the children. In this particular case, several additional factors influenced the court`s decision, including the fact that the child witnessed various acts of domestic violence committed by his friends against the mother and by the mother against the father. The child had also been exposed to a well-known pedophile.

This study shows that the court has the option of changing orders where the child`s circumstances have changed significantly and the substantial change should have taken place after the order was introduced. In essence, as Mr Shapiro points out to his customers, any circumstance manifest when the first order was placed could not support any change in circumstances. In addition, the change should have an impact on a child`s well-being. For example, if the parent responsible for the care of a child can no longer supervise, financially support, emotionally care or monitor the development of that child, significant changes have occurred. Any change in circumstances that endangers a child`s health and safety or affects his or her well-being must be considered by the New York court. Courts generally give less weight to an agreed custody agreement than a court-ordered custody agreement. Great respect is given to a court that has made a previous finding of custody, and it may therefore be more difficult to change a custody decision made by a court following an effective custody hearing. You can use the Change of Custody/Visitation Request to change the custody/visitation order if circumstances change. This free program helps you complete the petition you need to submit to family court. [Learn more about custody and visitation] You can only change the original custody contract when some time has elapsed since the judge made the original order. The dishes want to help children have as much consistency as possible.

For this reason, many courts will not change custody agreements too soon after a court adopts the original order. Lifestyle change. Changes to custody or access orders may be made when significant changes in a parent`s lifestyle threaten or harm the child. For example, when a custodial parent starts working at night and leaves a 9-year-old alone, the other parent can apply for a change in custody. . . .

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