Kharedikhat Agreement Format In Marathi

The main difference between Home “Regional” Storage fertilizer (purchase contract) and purchase fertilizer (certificate of sale) is that the purchase agreement is an agreement to purchase income in the future. The conditions under which the income is transferred to the buyer are specified. The Transfer of Property Act of 1882, which controls the process of sale and transfer of income, defines stock fertilizer as follows. “If no contract of sale (storage fertilisers) is registered, it cannot satisfy the requirements set out in sections 54 and 55 of the Transfer of Ownership Act and, therefore, such an agreement does not confer ownership of real income or the transfer of the right or interest in such income. However, these agreements have created a number of limited rights, in accordance with section 53A of the Transfer of Ownership Act. “Sathkhat is an agreement for the sale of real income in which the sale of income is carried out on the terms agreed between the two parties.” Section 54. The same Kalam 54 further states that “a pure agreement does not create rights, burdens or interest for the income (buyer) in question. » Application: To prepare the design of the sales work, fill out your personal form for simple sales work on the LegalDocs website. . .


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