Section 218 Agreement North Carolina

In the case of such an exclusion, each of those classes so excluded, for the purposes of this subdivision, shall follow a separate pension plan in the event of an amendment to the agreement subsequently concluded. Subsection (h) (1). The Act of 1 August 1956, § 103 (f), required that the sums be paid into the trust fund in the report in which the amounts referred to in section 401 (a) (3), (b) (1) of this title are used for these funds. Pub. L. 90-248, Title I, §120 (b), January 2, 1968, 81 Stat. 842, provided that “nothing in the amendments to subsection (a) [amendment to this section] permits the extension of the insurance system established by Title II of the Social Security Act [42 U.S.C. 401 et seq.] in accordance with the provisions of Section 218 (d) (6) (C) of that Act [42 U.S.C. 418 (d) (6)(C)] to serve in each firefighter position. In general, the agreements provided for in Article 218 establish or exempt the classifications of public and local civil servants from social security coverage, insofar as permitted by the Social Security Act.

These voluntary agreements between the Federal State and the Länder constitute a mutual obligation to ensure that participation in the social security programme is a viable element of public benefit programmes for workers. For general information on how public employees are covered by a Section 218 agreement and when their coverage is mandatory in Social Security and Medicare, the Social Security Administration`s website contains an overview of 218 agreements. . . .

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