Service Level Agreement Gsa

CenturyLink is recognized as an industry leader and has a long history of award-winning services. We strive to provide a successful service implementation throughout the Networx program. Our approach uses proven methods, supported by talented people, proven processes and the most up-to-date tools available today. The CenturyLink team offers your agency a complete Networx solution, with integrated processes and converged services, designed to fully meet GSA`s Networx objectives: CenturyLink is the first company to integrate the operational capabilities of an ILEC and an interchange carrier, centuryLink is unique in offering your agency a single source of local and national communication services. CenturyLink offers specific warranties and service level agreements that take into account all aspects of our service delivery lifecycle model. Our CenturyLink Networx subscriber site (Control Center Networx Portal) has been specifically designed for Networx and offers you versatility, ordering, invoicing, inventory, problem handling and reporting via an integrated tool. We also offer 24/7 support. CenturyLink`s modern infrastructure supports a Networx solution that can deliver cost savings to your agency, even as networks become revitalized. This image provides an overview of our commitment to the GSA networx program.

CenturyLink is a market leader in transition and has already supported many federal agencies for large network transitions. Our Networx engineering and transition teams are ready to meet all your transitional requirements….

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