The Value Of The Attribute Source Agreement Isn`t Valid

The attributes available for each instance of an element and the values for the attributes can be different. These attributes control the functionality of an item in time Enter the type of schedule to use for the item. This involves using provisioning calculations to support the planning of key resources in a distribution system such as procurement and transportation. Hidden by default. Custom attributes are based on extensible flexfields. Create an attribute group to determine which attributes will be used for the lifetime. Extensible flexible fields or custom attributes are not available to customers who only license the product model. Transactional attributes are inherited beyond the hierarchy of element classes. Metadata is data-efficient. Metadata changes are immediately reflected at the item level.

Example: If the base template is null, you cannot select this attribute. With multi-option attribute groups, you can assign multiple sets of attribute values to the same object instance. It gives you the ability to save several additional attributes that depend on the element, organization, attribute group, and a single value in the attribute group. Attribute groups can be added one after the other, and based on this sequence, these attribute groups are displayed in elements You can define an attribute for each of these specifications and then group these attributes into module performance attribute groups. You can enter acceptable deviations as decimals. This attribute is assigned at the organization level. This results in a tolerance of acceptance more or less. For example, if the allowed transaction spread for the item is 10% less than the set conversion, you enter this box 10. This attribute can be controlled at the master or organizational level depending on the configuration.

If you enable this attribute, you can temporarily exclude an item from the order by disabling customer orders. Enter the internal volume of the container or vehicle in the same UOM as the volume of the unit. This attribute is used by navigation to calculate container capacity limits….

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