Acadia University Faculty Collective Agreement

According to the Acadia Students` Union, 81.6% of the members of the faculty association and 81% of those who voted voted in favour of a strike. READ MORE: The University of Acadia Faculty Association sets the November 27 strike deadline One of the provisions of the 15th CA is that any new faculty member has the right to obtain a paper copy of the administration`s contract. For your convenience, it can be found in the “Agreements” section of this site. On this website, you will also find information about the association, the executive, commissions, etc. The expansion and modernization of Raymond Field was completed in the fall of 2007 and includes the installation of an all-weather eight-lane course and the move to the same premium synthetic turf used by the New England Patriots of the National Football League for its main field. The modernization of Raymond Field was a gift to the university of friends, alumni and the province. The “KriegerdenkmalGymnasium” has also been installed a new playing surface for the benefit of its basketball and volleyball teams. The Granville Street Baptist Church (now First Baptist Church (Halifax) was an important and decisive factor in the creation of the university. It has played a supporting role throughout its history and shares much of the credit for its survival and development.

Many of the people who made significant contributions to the University of Acadia, including the first President John Pryor, were members of the first Baptist Church in Halifax. Similarly, the nearby Wolfville United Baptist Church played an important role in the life of the university. In Macleans 2021 Guide to Canadian Universities, Acadia took second place in the “primarily undergraduate” category of the Canadian University. [21] In the same year, the publication ranked 28th in its reputation. [22] Acadia is organized in four faculties: Arts, Pure – Applied Science, Professional Studies and Theology. Each faculty is subdivided into departments and schools specializing in the fields of teaching and research. #AcadiaU – AUFA have tentatively agreed on a new contract. University courses and operations will take place today as usual.

“We want to re-establish a vibrant addition to Tenure Stream, we want to ensure that our faculties are paid competitively at the regional level,” Brickner said, adding, “It`s really important to make sure we have a commitment to get equity at equal pay.” The University of Acadia and the school`s faculties association have reached a provisional agreement. (902) 585-1422 Acadia University Wolfville, NS B4P 2R6 Carnegie Hall, built in 1909, is a large two-storey brick neoclassical building. It was named in 1989 after the Provincial Heritage Property Act, as its construction in 1909 meant acadias development of the classical college to the Liberal university. [33] The spirit of the school is rich in teams of men and women who have delivered more lectures and national championships than any other sports institution at the University of Atlantic.

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