Merger Agreement Doc

As a witness, the directors or the majority of them, of each of the constituent companies, duly signed their names under the seal of the corporation of their respective companies, and all this from the day and year that was written first. 2. The first annual meeting of the surviving company`s shareholders after the date of the merger is the annual meeting provided by the statutes of the surviving company for the year 1. The assurances and guarantees provided in Article X of this Agreement, as well as the liability of one constituent limited company to the other for any delay under Articles IX or X of this agreement expire with the merger provided for by this agreement on the day of the merger. 3. The first chief executives of the surviving company who mandate and are qualified until the election or appointment of their successors, or who, as stipulated in their statutes, are the senior executives of ABC immediately prior to the date of the merger. 5. The taking of the necessary measures for the merger by one of the constituent companies is invoked, on a final or provisional basis, by a competent court; or (4) All fixed assets owned by it or one of its subsidiaries and employees in their respective operations are of the appropriate nature, nature and condition for their respective operations and are operated in the ordinary business until the date of the merger; 2. Any holder of an outstanding certificate or certificate constituting shares of the XYZ share has the right, at any time and from time to time after the date of the merger, to obtain in exchange, after the surrender of the certificate or certificates to the organization of a stock exchange representative of the surviving company appointed by the board of directors of the surviving company. , a certificate or certificate representing the number of shares held by ABC preferred shareholders in the ABC series in which the XYZ shares represented by the surrendered certificate or the certificates issued were converted in accordance with paragraph 1.

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