Millbrae Enterprise Agreement

9.7. All notifications authorized or necessary under this Agreement are submitted in written form and are written and are requested by personal correspondence, with a national express mail with a tracking system or by authenticated or registered mail. Notification of subscription renewal can be sent by email. Communications are deemed to have been issued on the day of personal delivery, five (5) days after the mail deposit or on the day of delivery. Communications are addressed to “Legal” and addressed to addresses indicated at the beginning of this agreement. Each party can change its address after written notification to the other party. 1.11 “subscription fee” refers to the subscription fee listed in an order. 9.11 CONSTRUCTION. The titles of the sections of this agreement are taken up only for reasons of reference approval and cannot be used to interpret, interpret, define or describe the scope of an aspect of this agreement. As used in this agreement, the term “including” means “included, but not limited to.” Each party indicates that it has had the opportunity to participate in the development of this agreement and that any construction arrangements aimed at resolving ambiguities against the editorial party cannot be applied in the context of the structure or interpretation of this agreement.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, all remedies are cumulative and the exercise of an explicit remedy by one of the parties does not only waive that party`s right to exercise its other legal or legal rights and remedies. 7.1.1 The customer of third-party claims, actions or procedures that claim that the product or saaS, as it was delivered and as originally delivered, is used as is, if authorized by this agreement and in accordance with the documentation, and who violates or abuses the licenses issued to third parties at the time of entry into force or copyright (a “claim”). ,; and 9.9 SEVER STABILITY. If a provision of this agreement is found to be unenforceable or unenforceable by a competent court or found to be unenforceable, the meaning of that provision must be interpreted, as far as possible, to mean that the provision is enforceable and, if no possible interpretation saves such a provision, it is separated from the rest of that agreement, which remains fully in force. 4.4 TAXES. For payments made to EXABEAM, the customer is responsible for the payment of all taxes (excluding taxes on EXABEAM`s product), fees, customs duties and other administrative costs, as well as all penalties and related interest resulting from payments made to EXABEAM under this agreement or the provision of the product to the product of the software or the provision of support services for the , THE CLIENT, but only for exABEAM accounts. The CLIENT must make all payments to EXABEAM freely and without reduction for withholding tax; These taxes, levied on payments made to EXABEAM, are the sole responsibility of the client and the client provides EXABEAM with official receipts from the relevant tax authorities or other evidence that EXABEAM can reasonably require to establish that these taxes have been paid.

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