Blanket Purchase Agreement Maximum Value

The new “Consolidated Contract” values have been changed for shares with the date of “Signed” on February 3, 2017 or after February 3, 2017. (3) BPAs for hourly rate services. If BPA is an hourly service service, the ordering activity establishes a work statement for each order covered by the EPS. The ordering business should abandon these orders on a fixed price basis where possible. For hourly orders and hours of work, the contracting entity follows procedures in point 8.404 (h). All BPA contracts must indicate a price for the tasks specified in the work account. The control activity is responsible for taking into account the effort and mixing of the proposed work to accomplish a particular task that is ordered, and for determining that the total price is reasonable by appropriate analysis techniques, and documenting the file accordingly. (C) Ensure that all offers received are properly considered and that the award is consistent with the basis of the selection in the offer requirement. After asking for price reductions (see 8.405-4), you can set up the BPA with the (s) provider (s) that offers the best value. signed an estimated total value below or equal to the threshold depending on the date. (ii) when the estimated value of EPS exceeds the simplified participation threshold.

Customer of ordering activity: A GSA BPA calendar is an agreement reached by a state buyer with a Schedule contractor to meet repetitive needs for supplies or services (FAR 8.405-3). BPAs allow the contractor and buyer to meet recurring needs taking into account the specific requirements of the customer, while the buyer`s full purchasing power is used by using quantity discounts, saving administrative time and reducing red tape. BPAs are assets: if you win a BPA, you will receive a GSA Schedule contract first hand. Your business must be financially stable, you must provide a perfect performance report on the past and your proposal must offer the best value compared to other competitors. In other words, an ideal BPA supplier is a trusted GSA entrepreneur with a proven and clean track record. One of the most important factors is of course the price. Your price proposal must be fair, competitive and generally the lowest among other contractors. (ii) Preference for the type of order. The order activity must indicate the type of order (i.e. the fixed price, time and equipment or working time) for the services mentioned in the work account. The contractor should, as far as possible, set fixed-price contracts. For hourly orders and hours of work, the contracting entity follows procedures in point 8.404 (h).

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