School Parent Agreement Form

8. Injury: Lecture with students/parents to adapt/update the improvement plan Before students go to school every morning, we ask that each student be assessed at home by their parents or legal guardians for the presence of symptoms related to COVID 19 infection. Please refer to the CDC guideline on coronavirus symptoms in COVID 19 symptoms: after the 9th absence, a probation meeting may be arranged and the student may be required to bring a medical note for any future absence. The school can also send the district visiter for a home visit. Students with excessive absenteeism can be referred to the District School Attendance Review Board (SARB). Before a student can begin the 2020-2021 academic year at Holy Cross High School, all parents/facilitators are asked to read, accept and sign this parental agreement form on daily symptom examinations at home. Based on classroom rules and the school code for student behaviour, students miss the break and receive notification to parents of behavioural injuries. Notifications must be signed by a parent and returned to the teacher the next day. · According to state and borough guidelines, students are reported late before the end of the school day if they arrive late for school or are released prematurely from school. All Tardies rely on a student`s attendance record. Parents receive written notification to parents on the day of each arrears.

When following up on this agreement, teachers record records for each child and record the violations that occur so that they can intervene and communicate with the student and family in order to raise awareness and change when needed. 5. Injury: conference with and parents to develop an improvement plan to tackle the problem. Parent receives a letter of injury. · Since good school attendance is an important factor in academic success and public funding is based only on actual student attendance at school, all students are expected to attend school every day if they are well. Students are expected to stay at home only if they are visibly ill, have a significant temperature and/or are contagious. Students will be on time and in attendance for all classes and stay at the school for the full day of classes, unless sick or excused beforehand for a family emergency. · After the 4th year of training, a formal letter will be sent home for parental signature and a conference will be organized with parents, students and teachers to develop strategies to mitigate persistent delays. · Family leave is considered inexcusable absences and should therefore be scheduled on extracurricular days. Prior authorization in principle is required for special circumstances/emergency situations.

A higher letter of demand is required, if possible, at least one week in advance. No other registration can be guaranteed in the event of an extended absence. When students with symptoms of COVID 19 are discharged from school to home, a grade is obtained by the doctor and the nurse is presented to the nurse before they return to school. The parent or guardian will also agree to inform the nurse of their child and share his or her symptoms. If a student has not received symptoms, including an increase in temperature and no antipyretic medication (anti-fever) (acetaminophen or ibuprofen) has been received before arriving at school, he or she can go to school with his masks. It is the acceptance of this agreement that any student sent to school by bus or work stoppage has not had any symptoms in the last 24 hours.

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